Truck accident on Interstate 287
By Chief of Department
October 11, 2022

Earlier today, the Purchase Fire Department responded automatic aid to Port Chester for a truck that rolled over on Interstate 287. The operator was able to exit the vehicle prior to FD arrival and units secured the vehicle.

So far for the month of October, the Purchase Fire Department has responded to over 30 calls of service including 13 motor vehicle accidents with 5 resulting in a rollover type accident.

We urge all motorists to use caution when traveling. Below are some tips to keep you safe.

• Do not drink and drive. If consuming alcohol is in your plans, designate a sober driver before you leave home. If you don’t have a designated driver, call a taxi, UBER, a friend, or family member to help you get home safely.

• Wear your seat belt. Make sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up before you hit the road, no matter how short the trip.

• Obey the speed limit. Exceeding the speed limit reduces the amount of available time needed to avoid a crash.

• Avoid distracted driving. Refrain from performing any activity that may take your focus off of the road, such as texting while driving.

• Be courteous to other drivers. Stay alert of your surroundings and show common courtesy to other motorists and pedestrians on the roads.

• Properly install child safety seats. New York State law requires children under the age of eight to be in either a car seat or booster seat suitable for their age, weight and height.